魔術の庭 Majutsu no Niwa


夏の終わりに / At The End Of Summer
there (Japan) / Music Atlach (Japan) CD  2008

there (Japan) / Music Atlach (Japan) CD  2009
New Vague Records (USA) 12'Vinyl LP 2012

Ecstatic Crystallization
Sllow Tapes (Belgium) Cassette 2010
Music Atlach (Japan) CD   2010

Sylvania 7027 Live
8mm Records (Italy) 12' Vinyl LP 2011

第五作品集Ⅰ The Visionaries' Sand Zone
there (Japan) / Music Atlach (Japan) CD  2012

第五作品集 Ⅱ With à qui avec Gabriel ‎
there (Japan) / Music Atlach (Japan) CD  2012

前夜 / The Night Before
Pataphysique Records (Japan) / Captain Trip Records (Japan) CD+DVD 2015


Tokyo Flashback 8 ( included M2 焔と化して / Turn To Flames )
PSF Records (Japan) CD 2011

Los Doroncos, Majutsu no Niwa ‎– Live At Showboat 2012 ( Disk-2 )
Captain Trip Records (Japan) CD 2013

Es Läuten Die Glocken (Included M3 いずこへ / Whither)
E-klageto (Cermany) CD 2014

Overhang Party


Overhang Party
No Label (Pressed in Japan)12' Vinyl LP 1993
mutant music (USA) 12' Vinyl LP 2008

Overhang Party 2
Pataphysique Records (Japan)12' Vinyl LP / CD 1994

Overhang Party 3 Live 1994 8 22 at Showboat
Pataphysique Records (Japan)12' Vinyl LP / CD 1995

Overhang Party 4
Pataphysique Records (Japan) CD 1998

Otherside Of
Pataphysique Records (Japan) 7'Vinyl EP / 2CD 2000

Live Before And After 2004-2006
there (Japan) / Music Atlach (Japan) CD  2006

Complete Studio Recordings
Important Records (USA) 4CD 2013


Tokyo Flashback 2 (included M5 今、立ち現われる / Now Come Out)
PSF Records (Japan) CD 1992

Tokyo Flashback 3 (included M1 発熱 / La Fièvre )
PSF Records (Japan) CD 1993

Live From The Devil's Triangle – Volume 2 (included Disc1-M7 発熱 / La Fièvre )
KFJC (USA) 2CD 1999

More Music, Less Parking : WFMU Live From Jersey City
(Included Disc2-M10 With Premordial Undermind & Salamander 発熱 / La Fièvre)
WFMU (USA) 2CD 1999

Amaterasu (A Musical Panorama Of Japan)(included Disc1-M1 蠍 / scorpion )
Fractal Records (France) 2CD 2003

Tokyo Flashback 5 (included M9 Prayer Of A Fool )
PSF Records (Japan) CD 2005

Hall Of Mirrors (included Disc1-M4 自由の幻想 / Le Fantôme De La Liberté  )
Emperor Jones (USA) 2CD 2005


Atelier Himawari (Japan) CD-R 2002

Out Takes From 1996 To 2003 (Memorial Edition For 26 September 2003)
No Label CD-R (Pressed in Japan) 2003

Overhang Party / Michel* + Rinji* + Kumiko* ‎– Live At U.F.O. Club May 20, 2006
there (Japan) / Music Atlach (Japan) DVD  2006

Fukuoka Rinji & Michel Henritzi


Junko, Aya Onishi*, Rinji Fukuoka*, Michel Henritzi ‎– Live At Penguin House 2007
An'archives (France) CD-R 2008

Outside Darkness
PSF Records (Japan) CD 2011

Le Jardin Bizarre
An'archives (France) CD 2013

Descent To The Sun
Bam Balam Records (France) 12' Vinyl LP 2014

Eclipse In Berlin
Nahàsh Atrym Productions (Germany) Cassette 2014

Weather Report (With Luca Massolin)
Backwards (Italy) 12' Vinyl LP 2014


Yokohama No Shadows (Included M12 Snack Blues)
Dyin' Ghost Records (France) 2013

Billion Years Of Sighs (Side B)
An'archives (France) 12' Vinyl LP 2014

Overhang Party / Michel* + Rinji* + Kumiko* ‎– Live At U.F.O. Club May 20, 2006
there (Japan) / Music Atlach (Japan) DVD  2006

Sachiko & Fukuoka Rinji


Golden Hypnos
audioMER (Belgium) ‎/ Croxhapox (Belgium) 12' Vinyl LP 2009

‎Music Atlach (Japan) CD  2011


Music Atlach (Japan) CD-R  2013

Tangerine Dream Syndicate


III Violins For III Stooges
Alchemy Records (Japan) CD 2001


Inner Mind Music (Included M1 Live At Alpha Centauri In Sapporo 2001.3.11)
Alchemy Records (Japan) CD-R 2002



Mumusic > Magic Memo 01-09 (Included M9 Suimin Party)
Pataphysique Records (Japan) CD 2001


Land Of The Rising Noise (included M9 Suimin Party Area )
Charnel Music (USA) CD 1993


神経迷路小箱 / 伊藤キムダンス音楽集 Nerve Maze Garden / Dance Music For Kim Ito
No Label (Dubed in Japan) Cassette 1992

Creation / Dance Music For Kim Ito 2
Medium (Japan) Cassette 1993

Duo Etc

福岡林嗣 Rinji Fukuoka & 金子寿徳 Jutok Kaneko
Searchin' For My Layline Live At Stories March 17 1996
Pataphysique Records (Japan) 12' Vinyl LP 1997

Magickal Garden
Magickal Garden
there (Japan) CD-R 2002

LSD March
The Night Gallery (Included M1~M2 黄色の海~悲しみの美少年)
Alchemy Records (Japan) CD 2003

Plugged Ear
Live 2003
there (Japan) CD-R 2003

向井千恵 Mukai Chie &  福岡林嗣 Fukuoka Rinji
L'Énergie De L'existence
Turtles' Dream (France) CD 2003

向井千恵 Mukai Chie* & 山本精一 Yamamoto Sei'ichi* With Lamones Young ‎– Live At Showboat February 25, 2000
Hospital Productions (USA) ‎/ Last Visible Dog (USA) CD 2003

福岡林嗣 Fukuoka Rinji & 望月治考 Mochizuki Harutaka
Tokyo Flashback 6 (Included M10 血に見つめている)
PSF Records (Japan) CD 2007

福岡林嗣 Fukuoka Rinji & 浦邊雅祥 Urabe Masayoshi
Barcelona Express
8mm Records (Italy) 12' Vinyl LP 2013

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